Water Remediation

Water remediation is a bit different from other forms of water damage repair and removal.  When water is contaminated – whether by waste or some types of contaminants – they can be destructive to the environment as well as a property.  

For this reason, it is important not only to remove the contaminated water from a property, but to de-contaminate that water as well.  This is the essence of water remediation – especially when that water poses a threat to people.  

When a property is affected by contaminated water, it is important that either 2 or 3 things occur:

  1. The water is removed from the property
  2. The property is decontaminated
  3. The water is also decontaminated or safely disposed of.

The first two are obvious – a property cannot survive the continued presence of water – the effects of standing water are many, and dangerous – read more of our FAQ to learn more about the negative effects of standing water.  Also, when a property has been touched by contaminated water, it isn’t enough simply to remove that water.  Whatever contaminants were in it were most likely transferred to the property, and require decontamination.  It is the third step of water remediation that some may not understand.  Why decontaminate the water itself?

It’s important to consider that in some areas, the safe disposal of water requires that the water itself be decontaminated, especially if the water is disposed of in an area where people are at risk of coming in contact to it.  At the very least, if possible, it is important to dispose of the water in an area that is clearly off-limits to people, and that won’t negatively affect the environment.  

Water remediation should be initiated quickly – the longer you wait, the more time your property has for it to be contaminated.  Water permeates over time, and the deeper it gets into a property, the more difficult it becomes to effectively complete the water remediation process.

We have prepared an easy, fast form for water damage victims to complete.  If you have experienced water damage – don’t wait, complete the form and we will contact you quickly to get you started on the water damage restoration and remediation process!

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