Water Mitigation

Water Mitigation is simply another method of referring to water damage restoration and water damage removal. Water mitigation is the process of water removal beginning with the debris removal and cleaning, the extraction and removal of excess water and moisture in the property, and the disinfection of the property and removal of mold.  

The repair of the water damage’s source (Such as a burst pipe) and the repair of water damaged items and materials follow the initial stages.  Water mitigation is the entire process from start to finish.  

Strangely, water can easily be one of the most destructive elements in many cases.  While wind and fire are clearly very destructive forces, water is much more patient.  Standing water that is left unattended will continue damage the property for as long as it is forgotten.  

Standing water continues to work its way into the materials of a structure.  It allows for the growth of mold and bacteria.  Over time, a little water can severely damage the section of the property in which it is located.  

Water mitigation efforts must be started and finished within 24 hours of the occurrence of the water damage, or in the worst case – 48 hours.  If you wait too long, the expense increases greatly, as do the risks.  

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