Water Extraction

This is a general term for the removal of water from a property that has undergone water damage.  “Water extraction” is the cleaning and drying of water from the property.  This is, naturally, a highly important part of the water damage repair process.  Water extraction requires the property be well ventilated while dehumidifiers and high-powered fans are utilized to dry the structure and the air within it.  Insulation is extremely difficult to dry, and therefore must be replaced.  

Water damage repair technicians must ensure that the source of the water damage is repaired, and when that is accomplished, the excess moisture must be fully extracted in order to prevent mold and bacterial growth.  In addition to structural damage, the health hazards of excess water are severe.  Mold can cause severe allergic reactions in the human body, and bacteria can be the cause of infectious disease.  Water extraction will set the stage for later parts of the restoration process.  It is important to ensure that the affected property is dry enough to begin repair and restoring the property, as well as disinfecting it.  

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