Sewage Cleanup

Sewage is a severe health risk when it is part of a water damage situation.  Sewage is filled with all manner of biohazards, including bacteria and viruses.  It’s gross for a reason – sewage contains the types of disease causing organisms that result in death.  Sewage clean-up requires the removal of sewage from a water damaged structure, and the cleaning and disinfection of that property in order to eliminate the possibility of diseases being spread.  

Why is sewage cleanup so important?  One of the most dangerous aspects of water damage is that it can bring with it dangerous substances – such as sewage.  This carries with it the diseases and bacteria that are the reason we flush in the first place!  If sewage is not dealt with appropriately, then a property which seems to have been completely restored can still remain seriously infected by sewage.  

In addition to conducting the sewage cleanup process appropriately, it must also be conducted in a timely manner.  By leaving sewage water standing for an extended period of time (which often occurs when people try to remedy the problem by themselves), bacteria and other infection causing organisms can permeate into the materials of a structure, and the water itself finds its way into difficult to reach areas, and possibly into materials which cannot be restored – such as insulation.  Insulation is very difficult to extract water from, and extremely difficult to disinfect.

For all these reasons, it’s important to contact a professional, experienced water damage restoration company for your sewage cleanup, and to do so quickly.  This is why we provide a fast and easy to complete form – fill this form out and expect to be contacted by someone who can help you very soon!

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