Mold Removal

When experiencing water damage – one of the biggest threats involved is often the growth of mold.  Mold can cause severe allergic reactions in humans, and mold growth is caused or accelerated by the presence of water – especially under warm conditions.  Mold removal requires the detection of all mold, the removal of external structural layers covering it, and the removal of the mold or structural materials in which it has grown.  

Why is mold such a threat?  Mold, often caused by water damage, is a living organism – it is capable of causing the same type of irritation as the worst allergic reaction – and then some.  Mold removal is difficult, and while there, mold can cause eye and skin irritation as well as mold related illness or disease.  
Those most susceptible to mold are: 

  • Infants and children
  • The elderly
  • Pregnant women
  • AIDS and Cancer sufferers undergoing chemotherapy
  • People suffering from respiratory illnesses such as bronchitis or Pneumonia
Stated more simply – anyone whose immune system is compromised in some way is at risk for severe reaction to the presence of mold and toxic mold.  

Some of the effects of mold are allergic reactions, infection, and excessive toxicity in the blood (which can result in such problems as poisoning.  Toxic mold can affect people in more ways than most realize - your immune system, kidneys, liver, blood, even your brain are at risk.

The biggest issue with mold in a property is that the air does not circulate nearly as much as in the outdoors, and people will spend many hours breathing the mold into and out of their system non-stop.  This results in an accelerated aggravation of your body by the mold, and can not only cause symptoms to appear more quickly – but more severely as well.  

If you notice a strange odor in your property, or you or anyone else has experienced some sort of allergic reaction, dizziness, moodiness, memory loss, or any other strange medical symptoms – it is important you see a physician quickly to insure that you have not been affected by mold.  It is also vital that you act quickly to remedy the problem.

Check your property for mold or water damage, and contact a professional to help you deal with the issue.  If not done appropriately, mold removal can be ineffective, allowing the mold to re-grow from a small amount and re-invade your property.

Even if no mold is found – it does not mean you are in the clear.  Mold can grow anywhere – including where you cannot see, such as inside your walls.  It’s important that you also have a professional come in and check for mold and water damage.  Fill out our form now, and we can quickly connect you with water damage repair specialists in your area who can help you identify and eliminate your problem!

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