Kansas Water Damage Restoration

Homeowners & Renters Insurance Statistics:
Kansas has the 9th highest average homeowner’s insurance premium, averaging $916.  
It also has the 21st highest average renter’s insurance premium, averaging $166.  

Water Damage Information in Kansas
Water Damage Restoration comprises a large percentage of insurance claims in Kansas compared to other claim types.  Most people don’t know the warning signs of creeping water damage, and thus don’t take steps to prevent its progress.

Preventing water damage in Kansas is as vital and as simple as any other state – one must simply keep his/her eyes open and be aware of potential warning signs, such as discoloration on the walls.  

Water can pose a severe health risk, especially if left standing for an extended period of time.  What begins as clean water can, over the course of a few weeks or days, depending on the environment, become almost toxic.  For this reason, it’s important initiate water damage restoration quickly in order to avoid contaminating your property and undergoing more water damage than necessary.

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