Flood Cleanup

Flooding results in things being picked up and moved.  It’s a simple concept – anything that floats (and some things that don’t, depending on the ferocity of the flood) will be moved by a flood.  Unfortunately for the victims of flooding – this means their properties can be invaded by anything that the flood picked up – such as pieces of wood and tires, as well as mud and soil.  

When a home undergoes flooding the damage is similar to that which occurs in a storm or fire.  With wind and fire damage, victims can expect severe structural damage, a great deal of debris, and the classic, all around “home catastrophe” scenario.  This makes flood damage one of the worst kinds of damage a home can experience.  In addition to the sudden, severe destruction which occurs during a flood – the water it leaves behind can continue to wreak havoc on your property.  

Flood cleanup is a multi-stage process.  It requires all the steps involved in normal water damage repair, plus the removal of debris left behind by a flood, and the additional structural repairs which result from the destructive force of flood waters.  

When you’ve experienced a flood, naturally, it is best to respond quickly.  If your property experienced severe damage, it’s likely you have already contacted someone to help you.  However – you are here, which means the damage your property experienced was not quite so destructive as a hurricane or tornado!

It’s still important to do this quickly.  Fill our form out now and you will be contacted very soon by a water damage restoration specialist who can help with your flood cleanup!

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